Building payment
pipelines fuelling 10X
royalty flows

Replacing exhausted,
uneconomical systems
that strangle royalties

Stage TMBreaking down the
barriers to perfect

About Stage

The technologies needed to break down the final barriers to perfect payments have arrived.

The exhausted, uneconomic systems at the centre of the industry are being replaced with intelligent, automated, cloud-native networks.

Stage is a master of these skills and we work with the brightest, bravest and most able to perfect our industry.

  • Mission


    A healthy planet needs healthy musicians. At Stage, we understand precisely why the industry’s incredible complexities leave royalty flows still broken. But we are masters of a hard-earned, long-learned unique combination of talents which can fix it. So we are galvanised behind this goal as it’s the right thing to do and we are able do it.

  • Team


    Soaked in digital music industry experience, some say we “built 30 Spotify’s”. That scale of technological achievement was only possible after we perfected a rare and priceless skill, the art of software hypervelocity. We learned how to do this in the most challenging of situations imaginable. We learned how to do this with a small and exquisite team.

  •  Creativity counts

    Creativity counts

    We are software creators building some of the most sophisticated systems on the planet. Systems which are thousands of times more complicated than any machine invented by the Victorians. A close knit team working with passion and a laser focus. We have huge faith in our people, empowering their judgement and encouraging the delicate balance between fearlessness and paranoia.

  • Approach


    An independent company of creators building planet wide payment pipelines to massively increase royalty flow. Pipelines which scale with any size of increase in usage anywhere. Stage works with select partners ensuring this critical problem is solved end-to-end forever. If you want to work with us, let us know.

Robert Ashcroft

"Music's most important project
selected Stage"

Robert Ashcroft CEO PRS FOR MUSIC

On Stage

The journey to build creator payment pipelines sees Stage develop essential products and work with crucial partners who occupy unique vantage points in the industry.

We always expertly develop highly efficient cloud-native systems founded on microservice architectures boasting unlimited scalability and complete resilience.

Stage’s hypervelocity software skills always enable a radical reduction of time between original ideas and powerful outcomes.




Stage Enterprises
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